Green Corridor


Green Corridor

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Alongside improving connectivity, boosting the economy and unlocking new jobs and opportunities, we want to make sure HS2 also works for the environment and local communities. We plan to deliver a ‘green corridor’ consisting of new wildlife habitats, native woodlands and community spaces to help integrate the new railway into its surrounding landscape and environment.

At a local level, new wildlife habitats ranging from badger setts to bat houses will support animals affected by the construction of HS2. In many cases we’ll be able to leave behind bigger and better habitats than what’s already there. We’ll also have a responsible approach to natural resources, with most of the material we excavate for tunnels and cuttings being used as part of our earthworks. Ultimately, the green corridor should be able to support delicately balanced ecosystems running through the spine of the country.

As the corridor takes shape, there will be opportunities for local people to get involved. This includes the delivery of locally-led environmental projects, supported by HS2’s community funds .

You can find out more in our leaflet .

If you have any questions or comments please contact HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk or call 08081 434 434 and refer to "HS2 in Birmingham".

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