Ground Investigations


Ground Investigations

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As part of developing the route design of the HS2 high speed railway, we have carried out a programme of ground investigation surveys.

This type of survey helps us to understand more about the ground where we want to build the railway. It’s vital that we know about the soil before construction begins so we can build effectively. Further details of what ground investigation works entail are contained within the non-technical guide .

Balfour Beatty Vinci, (BBV), has been appointed by HS2 Limited at its Main Works Civil Contractor, (MWCC), for the Construction of the two-packages for work for Phase One of the High Speed 2 programme. The work packages cover the line from Long Itchington Tunnel in the south to Handsacre in the north, along with the spur into Birmingham City Centre. The award was made in July 2017 and since then BBV has been working on the Early Contractor Involvement, (ECI) phase of the project.

HS2 Limited has already carried out a range of ground investigation and survey work. This programme of work had some gaps and was transferred to BBV to complete. This has enabled BBV to ensure that outstanding samples and surveys are taken from the most appropriate location to best inform its design. BBV’s design programme has also identified a number of Ground investigations and Surveys that are also required to more completely inform the Design and Construction programme being prepared.

A number of different types of Survey are being carried out:

1. Ground Investigation

2. Ground Penetrating Radar surveys for utility location identification

3. Permanent Ground Marker location validation

4. Bathymetric Surveys in water bodies where structures will be built

5. LIDAR topographic assessment of the route by helicopter

Balfour Beatty VINCI have been working with their supply chain since May 2018, completing Ground Investigation Survey works. Ground Investigation is by its nature short-term intermittent activity. Different surveys will require us to work in different locations for different durations and on occasions some areas will have work taking place on multiple dates.

Our teams will continue to operate from three locations – one in Southam, one in Washwood Heath and one in Curdworth. The teams then travel to work locations as necessary. Notifications will be issued to appropriate landowners and residents who are affected by the works.

If you have any questions or comments please contact HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk or call 08081 434 434 and refer to "HS2 in Birmingham".

Additional materials

Updated - Further ground investigation surveys in Bromford
Updated - Further ground investigation surveys in Bromford
Ground investigations at Heartlands Park
Ground investigations at Heartlands Park

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