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HS2 Rescheduled Work Notification - July 2021 - Notice of utility surveys – Aston Church Road

Our utility trial hole surveys due to take place on Friday 2 July in locations along Aston Church Road were postponed and will now take place on Monday 19 July, dates are subject to the progress of the surveys programme.

To complete the utility trial hole inspections, we will use a vacuum excavator, which uses compressed air to loosen or agitate the ground. The loosened material is then removed using the vacuum on the machine creating a hole. At times we will also use hand digging tools to excavate the trial holes. Once the surveys are carried out, we will backfill and reinstate all the trial holes.

These surveys will help us to plan where utility diversions will be required as we prepare to construct the railway in Birmingham.

For more information please see this Notification - Rescheduled Aston Church Road Trial Holes July 21

Posted on 8th July 2021

by HS2 in Birmingham