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HS2 use innovative low-emissions tech to support cleaner construction and cleaner air in Birmingham

During the first week of Birmingham City Council's soft launch of their new Clean Air Zone, HS2's latest video shows how the project’s new low-carbon technology will support cleaner construction and air for the city.

HS2 is going way beyond requirements to lower carbon and emissions on its construction sites, and with HS2’s Curzon Street Station site in the city centre, the project confirms that the use of the latest, cleanest technology will lower emissions, protecting the environment and keeping people safe.

A whole range of innovations are being introduced to cut emissions and improve local air quality, not just in Birmingham but right across the project. These include hybrid, zero emissions machinery, renewable energy, alternative fuels and recycled products.

In addition, HS2 is leading a series of ground-breaking trials in conjunction with academia and its supply chain, set to bring massive improvements in local air quality and welfare conditions for construction site workers, with wider positive public health and environmental benefits for communities.

The project has set standards for the use of the lowest emitting vehicle engines across all contractors, as well as set targets for contractors to go beyond these, as technology improves. In addition, the project has also set industry leading emissions standards for all machinery including excavators, dumpers, large cranes and piling machines.

In 2017, road traffic accounted for 91% of transport emissions. In the same year cars, taxis and light vans were responsible for 70% of road transport emissions. By moving high speed trains on to a new, dedicated intercity line, HS2 will free up space on the existing rail network to run more local and regional commuter trains.

With more reliable, local frequent stopping services available, people will be able to make the shift from road to rail and cut their carbon footprint. This will help to reduce emissions from road transport, reduce congestion and improve the quality of our air.

For more information, visit HS2's air quality webpage or if you have a question about HS2 or our works, please contact our HS2 Helpdesk team on 08081 434 434 or email hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk

Posted on 2nd June 2021

by HS2 in Birmingham