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Information about HS2 Ltd during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The health, safety and wellbeing of the communities along the route of the new railway, and our staff, remains our absolute priority.

Construction sites

We are working closely with our construction partners to review the works on our construction sites in line with Government and Public Health England (PHE) advice on dealing with COVID-19. The Government’s current COVID-19 strategy makes clear that construction activity can continue as long as it complies with this guidance.

Along the overall Phase One route, between London and the West Midlands, work at some of our sites has been paused as we complete this review. Some staff may be present to make the safety assessments and to ensure the sites remain safe and secure. Those sites that are still working are doing so because they can operate within PHE and construction industry guidelines, and will be monitored and remain under constant review.  

We do expect that work will restart at some of these sites where our contractors are confident that they can operate in line with PHE and industry guidance, protecting our staff and the communities in which they are working.

Community engagement

We have taken the decision to postpone all face-to-face engagement events and meetings during this period. We have been notifying local residents and putting in place alternative ways of communicating and engaging with communities over the coming weeks and months.

HS2 Helpdesk

The HS2 Helpdesk remains operational all day, every day, and will be the public’s first point of contact should they need advice or information from HS2. You can contact the Helpdesk:

  • On Freephone 08081 434 434
  • By Minicom on 08081 456 472
  • Or by Email:  HS2enquiries@hs2.org.uk
  • If you contact us by post there will be an extended delay in us receiving and responding due to the current circumstances.

    Posted on 27th March 2020

    by HS2 in Birmingham